Janet McKerlie, Broker of Record







     I'm Janet McKerlie, an entrepreneur for over 29 years creating businesses offering accommodations and recreational sporting activities to the vacationing public in Port Stanley, Turkey Point, Grand Bend and Sauble Beach Ontario since 1992.

     I grew up in a modest bungalow just outside of London Ontario with six older siblings. My father was an entrepreneur, as was his father and his father. My success can be attributed to the family I was lucky enough to be born into, with parents teaching us solid values at an early age. A few of the many I Iive by are "True intentions accompanied by hard work will produce positive results". "Knowledge is power" (I was also told "that doesn't mean the powerful are knowledgeable"), another part of this included : " you may not look stupid asking but you will probably, most definitely, look stupid pretending to know" and finally some great advice my dad gave me was "Listen first, ask questions later, you'll learn more by listening than speaking". 

     Taking his advice has allowed me to hear and address the needs and wants of my clients and customers throughout the years. My inquisitive mind and hunger for knowledge doesn't allow me to walk away when I hear opportunity knocking without first opening the door to see the challenges offered. I know my strengths, but more important  I understand my weaknesses. My proven team building abilities have been an incredible asset and instrumental as I acquire professional team players to assist in those areas.

    My siblings ( 4 of them now grandparents ) and I still reminisce about the summers we spent as children in a small cottage overlooking Lake Huron. These are the memories from which my passion is derived and my direction is initiated.

    I've been in Sauble Beach since 1995, I've had many enthused, thrilled and exhilarated customers over the years. I've worked diligently finding the ``perfect retirement home`` and/or  the ``seasonal cottage`` for a client. I've helped thousands of families find weekly accommodations in Sauble Beach, all eager to create their own memories here. I've helped hundreds of clients increase their yearly income through the rental of their Sauble Beach property. I find a huge amount of enjoyment and satisfaction finding families accommodations "at the beach" whether it be for a week long vacation, or a long term investment.

     I love living here in Sauble Beach, trying to take in as many sunsets as I can, appreciating its' beauty, exploring "The Bruce" and spending time with my awesome goldendoodles "Sam" and "Sadie".